Aloysius Lied: Used Anjalee’s Phone To Log In

Arjun Aloysius, had attempted to log onto his Apple devices in the last 48 hours through his wife Anjalee Mahendran’s phone, the Attorney General department told the Bond Commission today.

Anjalee is the daughter of the former Central Bank governor, Arjuna Mahendran.

ASG Yasantha Kodagoda and his team of Lawyers which include Dappula De Livera and Milinda Gunathilaka who were instrumental together with the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in untangling the web of startling corruption, informed the Commission investigating the Bond Scam that Aloysius may have tried to delete the data on his devices.

Kodagoda went onto inform court that the data,which is crucial to the investigation may have already been deleted.

Earlier, Aloysius first said that he did not posses an “Apple” account. Thereafter once it became evident that he did, and was ordered by the commission to hand over the devices, he refused to give his password. The Commission thereafter ordered him to provide the passwords. Aloysius in response informed the investigators that he had forgotten the password.

The most recent revelation of him attempting to log onto the devices came today after he said that he does not remember the passwords.

Earlier, Aloysius said that his iphone, used during the crucial period of the scam was “destroyed”.

Aloysius had also attempted to influence a witness Pan Asia Bank deputy General Manager Richards Arun Dias, it was revealed at the commission.

Aloysius paid for the Penthouse rent which Ravi karunanayake and his family had stayed at, since February 2016 a year after the scandal broke out, and whilst Karunanayake was the Minister of Finance.

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