My Wife And Daughters “Don’t Know Politics”

– Penthouse Resident Ravi Karunanayake Tells Bond Commission.

The nexus between the then Finance Minister and present Foreign Affairs Minister Ravi Karunanayake and Arjun Aloysius became evident today at the Commission investigating the Bond Scam after the Attorney general read out text messages referring to the Minister.

Despite Karunanayake’s denial at first, his relationship with Arjun Aloysius and then knowledge of the apartment he currently lives in, the Attorney Generals Department derived clear proof of the nexus.

Although initially denied, Karunanayake’s connection with the Sunday Leader was also laid bare at the commission.

Karunanayake first denied that he knew Aloysius in any capacity other than a family friend. Additional Solicitor General Dappula De Livera who questioned Karunanayake asked him what type of relationship he had with Aloysius.

AG:” Was it a personal relationship?”.
RK: No
AG: Was it a official relationship?
RK: No
AG: Was it a business relationship?
RK: No
AG: Then what kind of relationship did you have?
RK: A normal one, like any politician would have with people. You know they call me for jobs and all.

Immediately thereafter De Livera pulled out the file containing the data of Aloysius’ mobile which ran into nearly 8600 pages.

Startling evidence came before the Commission thereafter.

One text message sent by Aloysius’ personal assistant to Aloysius was to obtain the minutes of the Monetary Board meeting, held on the 28th of November 2016.

28 November 2016 – Remind me to ask Hon MP RK to get a copy of the Monetary Board Paper 

Karunanayke was startled and denied knowledge of the message. Thereafter he was asked if he had met with Aloysius and Karunanayake said ‘no’. The AG thereafter read out another text message.

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