LNP – Sajith calls for urgent constitutional reforms

Leader of Opposition Sajith Premadasa today called for urgent constitutional reforms under which he proposed the reduction of powers of the Executive Presidency and bringing about checks and balances between the main pillars of the governance.

We have to change the present system of governance where there is an all-powerful Executive Presidency within this week. It is possible to use the available mechanism to bring about this reforms within this week,” Mr. Premadasa told Parliament.

“We must ensure a proper system of governance where the Prime Minister could turn the President into a scarecrow and vice versa,” he added.

“People want a new beginning. The present government received a massive mandate from the people who were full of expectations. All this is lost today, and the country wants a new beginning. Do those who are gathered in this chamber understand the plight of the people? They are unable to buy essential goods. People want this government to go home. Time has come to change the Executive Presidency. We have to do this urgently. Let’s do it within this week using the available mechanism,” he said.

Mr. Premadasa reiterated that SJB is not prepared to get engaged in a game of musical chairs with the cabinet. We will not go after perks, I am speaking on behalf of the entire SJB and anyone who is against that stand can get up and express themselves. We will not take disciplinary action against anyone of them,” he also said

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