LNP – Keheliya doubts Teachers’ protest a deliberate attempt to spread virus

Health Minister Keheliya Rambukwella today said he doubted whether the recent protests staged by teachers and principals violating health protocols were a deliberate attempt to spread the COVID-19 virus.

Addressing a news briefing at the Health Ministry today, he said everyone paid the price for those protest campaigns which paved the way for the virus to spread further.

“As teachers and principals, they should have set an example for the others. However, they did otherwise,” he stated.

Meanwhile, referring to the protest which is scheduled to be held by SJB in Colombo tomorrow, the Health Minister said his Ministry would not let such protests go ahead violating health guidelines.

“We highly condemn and criticize the move by the Opposition to carry out such a massive protest when Sri Lanka is at a critical juncture in terms of the pandemic,” he stressed.

“It is also a grave violation of fundamental human right of health and safety,” he added.

Minister Rambukwella also said they don’t condone and give consent to any protests which are held during the pandemic period under the guise of trade union rights and freedom of speech

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