LNP – 10-30 % of total infected patients suffer from post-COVID symptoms

Shedding light on post-COVID condition in Sri Lanka and control measures, a medical expert said at least 10 to 30% of total patients infected with COVID-19 suffer from post COVID symptoms.

Addressing a news briefing at the Health Promotion Bureau today, Dr. Waruna Gunathilake, Consultant and Diabetologist of the National Eye Hospital said this has been identified in scientific research carried out globally.

“If a person continually suffers from several complications even after four weeks of infection, he/she is considered to be in post-COVID condition,” he underlined.

“The common symptoms in post-COVID condition are fatigue, headache, shortness of breath, sleep disorders, rapid heartbeats, or palpitations, cognitive dysfunction etc.,” he said.

Elucidating on the measures to control post-COVID symptoms, Dr. Gunathilake urged people who are suffering from sleep disorders to minimize the use of electronic devices and to reduce screening time.

“For the people who have fatigue, it is recommended engaging in breathing exercises. Such people are requested to engage in office and other work on an occasional basis,” he explained.

Dr. Gunathilake also said according to researches, the full vaccination provides a less chance for a person to be a victim of post-COVID condition.

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