LNP – China insists no threat to ties with Sri Lanka

China has insisted that there is no threat to its bilateral relations with Sri Lanka despite the recent controversy over organic fertilizer.

The spokesperson at the Chinese Embassy in Colombo, Luo Chong told Daily Mirror that reports to the effect that China had warned the ban on the import of fertilizer from a Chinese company will hurt China’s diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka, was false.

“This warning rumour is totally untrue. The strategic partnership between China and Sri Lanka has its historical root and strength. The bilateral friendship and cooperation based on mutual respect is highly strong and resilient,” he said. Luo Chong said that both China and Sri Lanka are working together to expedite their collaboration including in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’re confident to deal with any possible difference and specific issues,” he said.

The spokesperson added that Seawin, the Chinese company from where the import of fertilizer had been banned by Sri Lanka, is well qualified and has several international certifications.

“It was selected by the Ministry of Agriculture of Sri Lanka through open tender to supply the urgently needed organic fertilizer. We encourage the related parties from Sri Lanka and the Chinese company work closer to resolve this issue promptly on the basis of scientific studies, and address differences through dialogue in good faith for the mutual benefits,” the Chinese Embassy spokesperson said.

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