LNP – ADB to provide USD 125 million additional financing to Sri Lanka

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has agreed to release an additional financing of USD 125 million to Sri Lanka under ‘Health System Enhancing Project’ to facilitate the management of soaring positive cases due to COVID-19 circumstances.

The Government Information Department stated that the Cabinet of Ministers granted the approval for the proposal furnished by the Minister of Health to conduct discussions with the ADB to obtain the said grant.

Previously, Sri Lanka has been supplied with USD 50 million, which comprised a loan of USD 37.5 million and a grant of USD 12.5 million by the ADB with a view to implement the ‘Health System Enhancing Project’ aiming to secure a healthy population with access to a widened primary health services system.

Taking into account the exacerbating situation in the country, USD 15 million out of this amount has already been allocated for COVID-19 pandemic-related activities, the Government Information Department said further.

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