LNP – Components makers stand to benefit from SL’s inexpensive skilled workforce: EDB

The Export Development Board (EDB) called on international component manufacturers to relocate their operations in Sri Lanka as they will be able to reap the benefits of the country’s skilled and inexpensive workforce.

EDB Chairman Suresh de Mel, while highlighting the existing potential available in the country for foreign investors, promoted the local workforce stating that they are tech-savvy individuals with specialised training in electrical manufacturing.

“The salary scales are more attractive than other manufacturing industries. Therefore, a large talent pool with highly trainable youth and skilled professionals in the form of design and manufacturing engineers are available,” he said.

The availability of inexpensive skilled workforce together with “good” logistics connectivity makes Sri Lanka a promising location for the components manufacturing sector, said de Mel.

Furthermore, he called on local companies to plug into global MNC supply chains and develop joint ventures so they can act as contract manufacturing companies that carry out design driven work within Sri Lanka.

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