LNP – “Tyre shortage looming in local market”

There is an acute shortage of nearly one million brand new tyres in the local market as a result of the import restrictions by the government since2020.

Managing Director, Tyre House Group, Sunil Fonseka (Pictured) said that though local manufactures have ‘up’ their production still there is a shortage of around one million tyres. “As a result, consumers are faced with untold hardships. Especially in the last two years there has been a severe shortage of tyres and due to this there is huge turmoil in the local market.

“Even though indigenous manufacturers produce about 500,000 tyres a year, that capacity is only 50% of the gross domestic tyre requirement. So far no one was proficient to uncover the total solution, which is not surprising.”

Fonseka said that they would love to market and distribute locally made tyres but until such time ‘they are available’ to meet the local demand, the government must consider lifting this ban temporarily.

Global Vehicle Manufacturers advocate on the use of world-recognized imported “Original Equipment Radial Tyres” for the SUVs, and jeeps as well as cars for the Comfort and Safety of the Passengers. “They don’t use retread tyres”

He also said that some tyre types were not manufactured locally.

“If this tyre shortage is not addressed and resolved before long, consumers will unavoidably have to re-use second hand and unprotected tyres, which would lead to other complications.”

The wave of fatal road accidents caused by the shortage of tyres due to the ban on tyre imports is spreading day by day throughout the country with an increase in accidents and fatalities.”

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