LNP – Labour Department to limit people visiting its offices

The Department of Labour has taken a decision to limit the people visiting the Head Office as well as the Provincial / District Labour Offices in order to contain the spread of Covid-19 virus.

Accordingly, the customers visiting the Head Office to claim Employees’ Provident Fund are informed to make an appointment through the department’s official website (www.labourdept.gov.lk) and obtain a date and time to get their requirement accomplished.

The customers visiting the Provincial and District Labour Offices to claim Employees’ Provident Fund are requested to get an appointment date and time through contacting the relevant office through telephone. The telephone numbers and email addresses of these offices can be obtained through the official website of Department of Labour.

“Furthermore, any matter concerned with Labour Laws may be forwarded to the Labour Office within the jurisdiction area in which your workplace was / is situated in, in the form of a written inquiry or written complaint,” the notice said.

The telephone numbers and email addresses for this purpose may be obtained from the department’s website, it said.

The public is requested to obtain the services on office days, during office hours (8:30 a.m. — 4.15p.m) through distance communication methods at every possible instant without visiting the office personally, in order to minimize public movement as much as possible.

The public is further informed that written inquiries may be made from the various divisions located in the Head Office of the Department of Labour through the communication methods mentioned in the table below.

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