LNP – Fashion designers say cost of production up due to import restrictions

Fashion designers are struggling to keep up with the fast-changing trends in the country, as challenges in sourcing raw materials has led to a slowdown in reacting to the market demand.

While boutique designer wear continues to gain popularity in the country, especially since an import ban was imposed on manufactured garments, the import restrictions on raw material such as fabric and accessories are adding to the woes of locally established fashion brands.

“The change in trend happened so fast that designers are unable to cope. Smaller businesses are unable to adapt to the change as by the time designers have adjusted, customers have moved on to a new trend,” said Design Collective Co-Founder Binu Wickramasinghe addressing a webinar on apparel sector recovery, held this week.

According to the experience of Design Collective, a store that houses over 60 local clothing and accessory brands, import restrictions have compelled businesses to source locally, which have in turn increased their cost of production, leaving designers to deal with an impractical situation.

One thought on “LNP – Fashion designers say cost of production up due to import restrictions

  • April 23, 2021 at 4:26 am

    On the positive side the import restrictions on imported ready to wear garments have created a growing home-grown industry. Many aspiring designers have stepped up to cater to the growing market. But according to my understanding the government has not imposed a ban on importation of accessories including fabric much needed to fuel the garment industry.


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