LNP – Plantation workers paid Rs.1,000 daily now – Jeevan

The daily wage of plantation workers was increased to Rs. 1,000 and the government was able to provide it before the festive season with the support of the President and the Prime Minister, Estate Housing and Community Infrastructure Facilities State Minister Jeevan Thondaman said.

He was speaking at a special media briefing held in Hatton last Friday.

Thondaman said that all other allowances and benefits are included in the daily wage of Rs.1,000 paid to plantation workers. He said he is against any attempt by plantation companies to impose conditions on plantation workers to be paid a salary of Rs. 1,000. “Some plantation companies have stated that they will stop providing healthcare and welfare services to plantation workers. Such cannot be done.We are in further discussions with the plantation companies,” Thondaman said.

He said that the Ceylon Workers’ Congress intends to negotiate with the plantation companies and plantation workers to replace the current daily wage with another non-loss-making wage scheme in line with the country’s economy.

“My father had a dream that the daily wage of a plantation worker should be increased to Rs. 1,000. Various parties helped us in this and on behalf of the Ceylon Workers’ Congress, I thank all the parties that supported us,” he added.

One thought on “LNP – Plantation workers paid Rs.1,000 daily now – Jeevan

  • April 12, 2021 at 4:07 am

    Some plantation companies can afford to pay this as we have being receiving good prices for tea even during covid-19 climate. After all they are all living in Sri Lanka. In the present economic climate Rs 1000 a day for work is not much to ask for.


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