LNP – Two wrongs do not make a right!

There is a purohita hailing from the Colombo district who publicly criticized certain affairs of the government the other day.

He had also reportedly sent a hard-hitting letter pertaining to a school matter to the Ministry concerned. 

It was a certain action taken by the Ministry that had come under his severe flak.

He did not stop at writing the hard-hitting letter; he had also in a sharp departure from tradition, officially released it to the media as well!

The purohita at the receiving end of the highly critical letter wrote back a reply accounting for the Ministerial action faulted by the colleague in detail. However, he did not release a copy of his reply letter to the media, upholding the principle of collective responsibility.

This purohita not only abstained from releasing his reply to the media, but he also added a telling postscript to his reply letter: “I do not propose to release this reply to the media as you did, for two wrongs do not make a right!”

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