LNP – He gave her a fright!

Two Diyawanna members, a pretty lady and a young gabby purohita are the main characters in this story.

The lady, hailing from the South is connected to a popular art field and the young purohita from Wayamba is known to be a good singer.

A member of the purohita’s staff had tested positive for the prevailing coronavirus. The purohita or any other staff member had not got infected. However. It had gone viral that a staff member of the purohita had fallen victim to the infectious disease.

Meanwhile, there was a sitting of the Diyawanna council and our purohita too had attended the council fashionably dressed as usual.

By the way, the attendance of the members that day was very poor and the purohita who arrived at the lobby looked for someone for company and spotted the lady member from the South. 

Happy there was someone to talk to, the purohita had hurried toward the fair colleague to greet her, loudly calling, “Hi! Akke…!”

On seeing the approaching purohita, the fair member had turned panicky and cried out: “Apoi! Don’t come here…!” And she had run away!

The perplexed expression that the purohita wore as he watched the fair colleague running away from him had eased into an amused smile when it suddenly occurred to him the reason for her behaviour.

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