LNP – Seeking award of tender without making a bid!

The scene: A Tender Evaluation Committee meeting is in progress in a key government office in a country which is not yet a Banana republic. 

The chairman and the members are scrutinizing the tenders received for the supply of certain goods for a leading state-run business undertaking with a wide network of outlets. 

They all look up surprised as a stranger walks into their office room. 

The chairman (addressing the stranger): Have you been invited to this meeting?
The stranger: No. I was sent here by the son of … (he mentions the name of the political authority responsible for appointing the Tender Evaluation Committee). 

The chairman: (Highly intrigued) Why were you sent here?
The stranger:  For me to get the tender awarded!

The chairman: Have you made a bid in terms of the Tender Notice?
The stranger: No!
(The curtain falls on the scene at this stage)     

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