LNP – Now they are friends

Singha politico of Pulatisipura who had been highly critical of the former Number One hailing from the same area had a face to face encounter with the latter the other day at the Rest House there. 

The occasion was a luncheon organised for Pohottuwa politicos who participated in the electioneering in the district in the company of the Big Boss earlier in the day. The Singha politico who had been sniping at the former Number One at every turn was too an invitee and he sat at the same table with the former Number One for the lunch. 

The lunch over, all guests moved out. The former Number One later walked up to his arch detractor, gave a pat on his back and greeted him saying: “Ah! kohomada sahodaraya!”
All others looked on with bated breath wondering how the former Number One’s well-known ‘political rival’ would react.

What happened was something that none of them had expected. Singha politico, immediately bending into a full slouching position respectfully greeted the former Number One.
The Big Boss was among others who witnessed this scene with much interest and a tinge of amusement, they say. 

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