Returnees could self-quarantine in hotels and bear the cost : Army chief

The government has arranged quarantine for returning Sri Lankans from abroad to spend their mandatory quarantine spell at a hotel at a cost and as they pleased, acting Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army Shavendra Silva said.

Certain Sri Lankans who could afford the cost of quarantine have expressed their willingness to spend their mandatory quarantine spell in privacy and more comfort. We can arrange a hotel for them with highly reduced room charges. For instance, hotel managements have informed us that they could give a hotel room less than half of the normal cost.

He said several hotels have been made prepared for this purpose and Sri Lankans can select a hotel for a nominal fee. “Usually, one of these rooms is rated between Rs 20,000-40,000 per day. With everything included, inclusive of food, the owners have agreed to give a room for Rs 7,500 per day. The hoteliers will have no profit by providing meals thrice a day and everything else for such a low fee. What they are doing is a service,” he said. He said only those undergoing quarantine will be allowed at the selected hotels.

But the decision whether to undergo a quarantine spell privately or in a quarantine centre run by the armed forces is entirely up to the Sri Lankans returning, Mr. Silva stressed and added the armed forces were ready to undertake any number of Sri Lankans for quarantine until the viral infection is fully controlled.

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