Bring a pen when visiting post offices on Monday: Post Master General

Post Master General Ranjith Ariyaratne today requested the people to bring a pen with them to sign relevant documents when visiting the post offices from Monday (4).

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, he said the post offices island-wide will open on Monday for official purposes.

Also, the Post Master General requested the people to wear face masks and to follow medical advices issued by the Government.

“No pens will be provided from any of the post offices as it could help spread the COVID-19 virus,” he said.

Once post offices are opened on Monday, payment of public assistance funds, senior citizens’ allowance and, pension would be carried out through the post offices, he said.

“Earlier, the post offices used only one document to get signatures from the people, but we have arranged separate forms to get the signatures of the people,” Mr Ariyaratne said.

He strictly advised that people should follow health guidelines and maintain the one meter distance when visiting the post office. 

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