Furious Donald Trump throws tantrum after CDC boss directly contradicts him at White House press conference

President Donald Trump on Wednesday raged about the coverage of Centre for Drugs Control (CDC) Director Robert Redfield’s interview with The Washington Post, where the medical expert warned about the dangers of a second wave of the coronavirus.

Trump brought Redfield to the White House podium to repudiate the interview only for the CDC director to confirm the newspaper correctly quoted his warning.   

The farce took place at the daily White House press briefing on the coronavirus and was sparked by Redfield telling The Washington Post that a second wave of the coronavirus this winter, combined with flu season, ‘will actually be even more difficult than the one we just went through.’   

The newspaper ran the interview under the headline: ‘CDC director warns second wave of coronavirus is likely to be even more devastating.’   

Trump was furious at the coverage of Redfield’s comments, calling the articles ‘inaccurate.’ He snapped at reporters who asked about the warning and whether Redfield was accurately quoted.   

The president brought Redfield before the White House press corp to explain what he said in the interview, only for the CDC director to confirm he was accurately quoted. 

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