Cargills reaches out to farmers in trouble again

Leading by example, Cargills has once again reached out to farmers in trouble. 

On the night of April 11, Cargills dispatched a host of lorries to the Civil Security Training Centre in Sigirya to collect vegetables and fruits harvested by the farmers in the area at a reasonable price. 

This was a major step towards averting a disaster, which was surely going to adversely affect farmers. 
Whilst this initiative is indeed worthy of praise, what comes to mind is that this is not the first time this company has taken such action. It was not too long ago, when a glut of pumpkins flooded the market that Cargills took the necessary steps to help alleviate the situation.  

Although the farmers were unable to step out of their houses and celebrate the New Year as a community, they were able to gather with their families at home and follow the age-old traditions of the festival with a smile on their faces. 

As we all know, these are uncertain times affecting lives in unimaginable ways. We need to work together if we are to move forward as a nation. We need to support one another. We must come forward to help each other. It is then that we can hope to come through this 
global pandemic.

Every day we hear how badly the farmers are affected by the current situation. With a plentiful harvest they were preparing to celebrate a great New Year. However, these hopes have been dashed with the closing of the economic centers. 

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