Maximum retail price for Masoor Dhal, Big Onions and Canned Fish

While issuing an extraordinary gazette notification the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) today declared a maximum retail price for Masoor Dhal, Big Onions and Canned Fish.

The Gazette notification was issued under the signature of the Chairman of the CAA, retired Major General Shantha Dissanayake.

Accordingly, the maximum retail price of a kilogram of Masoor Dhal would be Rs.65. A kilo of Big Onions would be Rs.150 and the maximum retail price for a (425g) Tin of Fish would be Rs.100.

No importer, producer, packer, distributor or trader should sell, expose or offer for sale, display for sale the said items above the listed prices,the CAA said.

The maximum retail price was announced under the CAA Act, No. 09 of 2003 under the powers vested in it by Section 20(5).

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