Sri Lanka Tourism shares Christmas spirit with local and foreign tourists

The Tourist Information Centre (TIC) at The Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) of Sri Lanka Tourism had a different atmosphere altogether, getting into the festive mood and bracing up to share the festive cheer with both local and foreign tourists, with simple yet an elegantway. 

Visitors were pleasantly surprised by the unexpected welcome

With Santa distributing gifts to visitors who dropped in to gain information and also to know about the best tourist attractions to visit during the holiday season, and the iconic Christmas tree adding more colour to the occasion. 

The foreign visitors seemed to be pleasantly surprised at this unexpected welcome, and received a souvenir each. They enjoyed the experience of receiving this kind of welcome on their arrival to the destination, during the festive season. 

The Santa was arranged by Sri Lanka Tourism, which was the most highlighted attraction of the celebrations at the BIA.  The Information Centre in Colombo was also illuminated with the festive colors, and was able to catch the attention of the visitors and the passersby, with its Christmas decorations including the beautiful Christmas tree decorated in eye catching colors. The main purpose of making these arrangements was to display the festive spirit and convey the message of peace and harmony among all, regardless of religion or ethnicity. 

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