Politico recalls classmate’s sour face!

There are two prominent politicians in the country who had been class mates of an elitist school in the city. However, circumstances following their school days have thrown these two into two rival political camps. Today one of the duo is a holder of a very high office. And his classmate having chosen a different political path has become one of his formidable rivals.
One politico the other day while discussing how his classmate, now a high office holder had to face a tongue-lashing from another high political authority recalled an incident from their school days.  “Once our Principal pulled us up over a certain misdemeanor we had committed. I still remember how my good friend, one of the guilty ones, quietly listened to the harangue with a sour face. I saw the same sour face of his when he got an earful to his face from that high-up the other day!”

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