Desperation led him to indiscretion

A leading Diyawanna politico from the South, once back at home, had sent for a local pal and spilled out to him to all top party secrets.
The local politico had been shocked when his Diyawanna stalwart had come out with certain details expected to be privy only to the party’s inner circle.
The Diyawanna stalwart, regardless of the obvious reaction of the local colleague had held forth about how the party was going to handle the current crisis situation. “We are going to sabotage all sittings… We will prevent the presentation of the no-confidence by hook by crook! We are going to make up the 113 score … buying some of them even upping the ante sky high!”
“This man has gone nuts!” the wide-eyed local politico who had quietly listened to him, had later soliloquized, they say.

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