JVP to field own Presidential candidate – Tilvin

The JVP will field its own party candidate at the next Presidential Election, if it fails to get the 20th Amendment to the Constitution approved, JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva said.
Addressing a meeting of the Wennappuwa Electorate Party Central Organisation (Bala Mandalaya) on March 27, the JVP General Secretary said truly speaking, there is no room for another Presidential election to be held in the country because each and every person who was elected to the post had promised to abolish the Executive Presidential System.
He said the 20th Amendment to the Constitution had been included in the Parliamentary Order Paper and it could be adopted with a two thirds majority of votes in Parliament and a referendum according to a Supreme Court order.
Silva who said that no Constitution had so far been approved by the people at a referendum added that he would request everyone to give the public an opportunity to decide on it without blocking it in Parliament.
Silva who said that they did not expect to get the 20th Amendment approved before the next Presidential election added that in such an event, they would field a person representating the public capable of defeating the two main parties if political parties did not support the 20th Amendment.

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