Advice leads to more quibbling!

The Pohottuwa mastermind is said to be giving pep talks to members of local bodies these days.
He is reportedly drawing an analogy between himself as the party’s guiding light and the position of a school Principal by way of offering important advice to these members.
At these meetings the Pohottuwa boss would tell them:
“I am like a Principal managing a school with over 3,000 children on its roll. One child might complain that someone had forcibly taken something he owns. Another child would accuse yet another of beating him up for no reason. Practically every child would have some complaint to make against another child.  I do not want you people to make complaints against one another like school children. Hereafter, don’t come to me to make any allegation against another member. You ought to know how to work together in a spirit of give-and-take!”
There are some members, they say, who even after listening to this advice, would pick up a row with another member saying:
“Lokka, no doubt, meant that advice for me because you must have carried a tale against me to him!”

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