Offer to come in another guise!

The top men of the new regime have not given up the idea of hooking some green members at whatever cost despite opening a can of worms with audio clips containing voice- cuts relating to political horse-trading going public.

Wiser by experience, they have now decided to give up the ‘direct approach’ and fall back upon more discreet methods to hook a few greens to clear the ‘113’ hurdle.

They have felt that the most effective method is to approach the ‘targets’ through the better-half because they believe that womenfolk are more susceptible to the allure of high status and a luxury lifestyle and are usually not much concerned about ethics or party principles.

They have thought of a modus operandi like this:  A decoy-Diyawanna member would phone up a ‘target’ Green colleague and say: “I am paying a visit to your locality regarding a personal matter. I thought of dropping at your place on my way back…!”

However, the Green bigwigs have already got wise to the latest strategy being employed to hook their members and are now on the watch out for the type of guests being entertained by their members these days, they say.

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