The Provincial Elections will be held soon, President

President Maithripala Sirisena said the provincial council elections will be held soon to strengthen the democracy of the country.

The President said this addressing the Vap Magul Day held at the Sandagirigama Welyaya in Thissamaharamaya today (29).

President Sirisena further said that officers of 6 provincial councils are at a helpless state due to lack of a precise political leadership or guidance. The officers can accomplish duties for a certain extent with the circulars, but there must be a people–oriented political leadership that offers better services, he pointed out.

Hence, discussions will be held as soon as possible within tomorrow or day after tomorrow with the Elections Commission about holding Provincial Council Elections, said the President.

President Sirisena said that immediate solutions will be provided to the problems of the people of Northern and Eastern Provinces.

President said that the people held responsibilities failed to respond to the issues of the people of North within the last three and a half years and further stated that the proposed housing projects for the people of North was only limited to mere cabinet discussions.

President invited all the politicians, government officers, as well as Mahangha and priests of other religion and all the citizens to join hands with the new government with a strong sense of friendship, brotherhood and peace to reduce the burden on the people for their struggle for living, achieve economic prosperity of the country, strengthen a well-disciplined governance and to move forward aligned with the local culture.

President Sirisena further said that, even though there is a need for technology and the most updated knowledge of the world, Sri Lanka, as a nation which hails its local heredity, there should be an agriculture-based economic development program which aligns with the local food style and culture.

President also symbolically distributed paddy seed and fruit plants to the farmer community.

The Mahasangha, priests of other religions, former Speaker, Chamal Rajapakshe, Mahinda Amaraweera, Shan Wijeylal Da Silva, Angajan Ramanthan, Cadar Masthan and other public representatives, and a large number of famers were present in this event.

Meanwhile, the Kidney Unit of the Base Hospital of Thissamaharama, Debarawewa was also opened by the President.
The new dialyzing unit and the laboratory were also observed by the President.
The Chief Medical Officer of the base hospital, Dr. Prabath Jayadewa and others were present at this event.

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