Indian Ocean is the ‘Ocean of the Future’ – PM

World community can gain immense benefits by working in harmony and throwing off hostility and remonstrance, instead of spreading distrust and rivalry, says Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

He stated this addressing the inaugural session of the 3rd Indian Ocean Conference held at Sheraton Hanoi Hotel in Vietnam last evening (27).

PM Wickremesinghe emphasized that we should not miss this unique chance to establish a world of equity, equality and prosperity.

Indian Ocean is the most important factor for bringing forth this social responsibility and all parties should work harmoniously to ensure the protection, peace and freedom in shipping in the Indian Ocean, stated the PM.

Prime Minister stating that the Indian Ocean is the ‘Ocean of the Future’, said that, the Indian Ocean region has been nurtured with the cultures, colonial methods, international standards, customs and values that have emerged with the civilizations in the region.

The need to create multilayered institutions with new shapes has arisen as regional organizations have failed to respond to current geopolitical changes successfully, and Indian Ocean Conference 2018 will be a strong foundation for this need, the PM pointed out.

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