Mendis issues 2,487 cheques for Rs. 1.134 mn in eight months

A team of experts who probed the accounts of WM Mendis Company, owned by the Perpetual Treasuries Pvt. Ltd, has found that it has issued 2,487 cheques from one of its current accounts between Jan 30, 2015 and Sept 30, 2016.

The findings have been reported to the court by the Criminal Investigation Department, which says that the issuance of such a large number of cheques is unusual and the total sum for which cheques had been issued during the period under investigation amounted to more than Rs. 1,134 million.

Among the cheques were some issued for Rs. 20 million each while 325 cheques for more than Rs. 20 million each.

The investigation was conducted by a team of experts appointed by the Governor of the Central Bank.

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