Euro 4 standard fuel from July: CPC

Euro 4 emissions standard Diesel and Petrol will replace the existing Super Diesel and Petrol stocks in the market commencing July, Petroleum Resources Development Ministry Secretary Upali Marasinghe said today.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror he said the first shipment of Euro 4 emissions standard Diesel and Petrol stock would arrive in the country within next two or three weeks and the first order had already been placed.

“The new stocks will be introduced to the same price as the super Diesel and Petrol. Our refineries do not have the facilities and technology to make Euro 4 emissions standard fuel and it will be very costly,” Mr Marasinghe said.

Therefore, the Ministry had decided to import Euro 4 emissions standard Diesel and Petrol to the country as per 2018 budget proposal. Also, the European Union (EU) had requested the government, that it was the right time to shift to Euro 4 emissions standard, he said.

One litre of Lanka Petrol 95 Octane will be sold at Rs.148.00 and Lanka Super Diesel 4 Star sold at Rs.119.00

Mr Marasinghe said the usage of Euro 4 emissions standard Diesel and Petrol in vehicles would minimise the environmental pollution.

“Euro four missions standard fuel will be imported at an exorbitant cost but it will be released to the market at the subsidized rate. New imported vehicles such as Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) require the new Euro 4 standard fuel.” Mr Marasinghe said.

Meanwhile, the government has decided to import vehicles which are equipped with air bags, seat belts and new emission levels commencing July 1.

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