All leave of postal employees cancelled

Post Master General Rohana Abeyratne has announced that all leave of postal department employees have been cancelled.

In a statement the Postmaster General said all postal employees who fail to report to work today will be deemed as vacated from their posts.

Accordingly an ultimatum has been issued for all staff including, permanent, non-permanent, casual, substitute and acting staff to report to their duty stations.

Post Master General Rohana Abeyratne said the senior postal officials are duty bound to open all post offices under their purview and provide adequate security to conduct day to day activities.

Post Master General Rohana Abeyratne claiming the administration will be not responsible for the job security of employees if they fail to report to work today noted that post masters and sectional heads should carry out their responsibilities according to the post master’s hand book, postal regulations and all procedures applicable to state employees.

He said post masters can obtain additional security through area police stations.

Based on several demands, postal workers launched an indefinite strike from the 4th of June.

A round of discussion between the protesting postal workers and Minister of Posts and Postal Services AHM Haleem took place yesterday.

However claiming discussions did not produce desired results, trade unions have claimed they will continue the trade union action until their demands are met by authorities.

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