CEB removes killer Cable TV wires on electricity posts

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) today removed all cables illegally fixed on to electricity poles by a Cable TV Channel, across Vadamarachchi , Jaffna.

Our correspondent reported this activity had been taking place in the Wallai-Weli area in Vadamarachchi and News1st on an earlier occasion carried an expose on the matter after two people died of electrocution after the cables of two Cable TV Channels came into contact with each other.

The incident which took place on the 23rd of May saw a father and his son die of electrocution. Another individual who attempted to save them both was injured and rushed to a hospital for treatment. Local says similar deaths took place in the recent past as well.

A Spokesperson for the Ministry of Power and Energy said a large number of cables belonging to Cable TV Channels were fixed on to CEB poles without approval. He noted that a committee was appointed to probe into this.

At a time when Television Channels are carrying out their services by paying large sums of money for approval, how is it that such Cable TV Channels are operating in an illegal manner for a long period of time whilst putting the lives of the general public in danger?

General secretary of the CEB workers union Ranjan Jayalal noted that this could be an underhand deal and that officials stating that they are not aware of such incidents warrants them being punished.


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