Lanka Hospitals expands healthcare services to the Maldives.

Lanka Hospitals recently set up its Maldivian Service Centre in the capital of the Maldives – Malé. Serving as a place for comprehensive medical inquiries, pre-assessment and real time channel consultation services and a host of value added services, the centre will offer a platform to avail international patients with the latest medical procedures in Sri Lanka via Lanka Hospitals, a press release stated.

Lanka Hospitals Maldivian Service Centre will serve Maldivian and international patients in Malé in collaboration with Maldivian medical centre – MedHope, a medical centre with diversified services. The extended services will include crucial procedures such as pre-assessment, documentation and insurance in addition to Channel Consultation, where Lanka Hospital facilitates the international patients to directly obtain services of Sri Lankan specialist consultants visiting Malé on regular basis.
When a patient visits the Maldivian Service Centre, they will be facilitated with preliminary diagnosis as well as comprehensive pre-assessment, where those requiring the next phase of medical procedures will be directed to Lanka Hospitals.

The service centre will take care of all relevant documentation and insurance procedures necessary and will facilitate the patient to make detailed inquiries from Lanka Hospitals, and to directly communicate with respective specialists via real time Telemedicine service complemented with teleconference. Apart from organizing Medical Camps for Maldives and surrounding islands, Lanka Hospitals also expects to offer fertility consultation services for the Maldivians.
With the launching of the Maldivian Service Centre, Lanka Hospitals Diagnostics will expand its services to Malé, with the establishment of its offshore Laboratory Service Centre. Facilitating streamlined documentation sharing between Lanka Hospitals, International Patient Care Centre and Maldivian Service Centre, the international patients will be offered the convenience of obtaining follow up procedures at the Maldivian Service Centre in Malé, without being travelling back and forth to Sri Lanka. To improve the health and wellbeing of international patients, Lanka Hospitals Maldivian Service Centre will hold regular Medical Camps and even facilitate Sri Lankan medical specialists to offer expert consultation on a number of crucial topics, the release concluded.

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