Speaker consents to the National Audit Bill

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has informed the Parliament that the Supreme Court (SC) has determined that the National Audit Bill is in accordance with the Constitution.

The Speaker ordered the determination of the SC to be printed in the Official Report of today’s Parliamentary proceedings.

A petition had previously been filed with the SC regarding the said Bill as per Article 121(1) of the Constitution.

Initially, Speaker Jayasuriya mistakenly told the House that the said Bill is not in line with the Constitution at the beginning of the sitting. However, correcting the previous statement, the Speaker subsequently informed the House that the Bill is not inconsistent with the Constitution.

The Bill provides for the powers, duties and functions of the Audit Service Commission and the establishment of the office of the National Audit Office and the Sri Lanka State Audit Service. It also specifies the role of the Auditor General over public finance.

The National Audit Bill was a key promise of the ‘100 day program’ of the coalition Government.

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