President is perfect candidate for next Presidential Election

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President Maithripala Sirisena is the perfect candidate for the next Presidential Election, Water Resources Management and Disaster Management Minister Duminda Dissanayake said.

He was addressing the gathering after assuming duties of his new position in Colombo yesterday.

Minister Dissanayke said the President is the most popular and suitable person for the Presidential candidate. “Minister S.B.Dissanayke and few others had made temporary decisions, but we will discuss them with the President. All will rally round the SLFP at the end. It has happened in the past,” the Minister said.

“What matters most is the decisions made by the Government and not its Cabinet reshuffle. I hope this will be the last Cabinet reshuffle. A country cannot be let in an unstable situation as a result of an election. The time wasted on the No Confidence Motion and Cabinet Reshuffle is a crime,” he said.

“Issues of the victims of the Meethotamulla Garbage dump will be resolved within the next six months. The Government offered the largest ever drought relief valued at Rs. 37,000 million. During Poson, 100,000 yellow robes will be offered seeking rains and researches are carried out to get artificial rains. Just like the President dreamed of the Moragahakanda Reservoir, I dream of the Lower Malwathuoya Reservoir, the Minister said.

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