Min. Musthapha against removing unauthorized buildings in Mirissa

Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government Faiszer Musthapha today opposed the Coastal Conservation Department’s decision to remove unauthorized constructions along the coastal belt in Mirissa by May 1.

He explained that the decision made by the Coastal Conservation Department Director Prabath Chandrakeerthi was an arbitrary one.

Minister Musthapha said the Department could remove any illegal construction in the coastal belt, however, if the motive is hamper the livelihood of small entrepreneurs, he is against the move.

Minister further explained that the tourism industry is dominating the service sector in and around the Mirissa area, as such the removal of such places would lead to many unemployment issues among the area residents.

Minister said that it was not the unity Government’s principal to let down the small entrepreneurs, therefore he will advise the authorities to consider the grievances of the masses before reaching any harsh decisions.

Minister Musthapha had reportedly discussed the matter with the small entrepreneurs in Mirissa on Friday (20).

The Coastal Conservation Department took measures to remove illegal constructions along the beaches following the assault on some Dutch tourists at a restaurant in Mirissa a couple of days ago.

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