Southern Expressway grosses Rs. 105 mn during festive week

The Road Development Authority says that a revenue of Rs.105 million was generated from the Southern Expressway during the New Year Season from April 10 to 16.

An RDA official told that more than 372, 000 vehicles used the Southern Expressway during this period.

Accordingly, Rs.23 million has been generated from over 79, 700 vehicles that travelled on Sunday (15) while Rs.14 million was generated from over 50, 000 vehicles that travelled on Saturday (14).

Also, 23 vehicle accidents were reported on Saturday (14) on the Southern Expressway.

More vehicle breakdowns were reported on the Southern Expressway during the same time period due to adverse weather conditions.

However, the RDA received a total of Rs.230 million in tolls from expressways last year recording a 25 per cent increase compared to 2016.

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