Seychelles seeks Sri Lanka’s technical support to improve fisheries industry

High Commissioner of Seychelles in Sri Lanka, Conrad Mederic, has requested State Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development, Dilip Wedaarachchi, to provide Sri Lanka’s technical support to improve the ice-making process which directly affects the fisheries industry in Seychelles.

Seychelles High Commissioner made this request when he met State Minister Wedaarachchi at his ministry on Wednesday.

Wedaarachchi assured the Seychelles High Commissioner that swift measures would be taken after discussions with the Minister of Skills Development and other officials to provide the necessary technical support in ice production and the service of trained mechanics in ice-making and the maintenance of machinery.

The High Commissioner said the tourism and fisheries industry were the main sources of income in Seychelles.

The High Commissioner pointed out that many Sri Lankans were engaged in the fisheries industry in Seychelles and Sri Lankan fishermen were more efficient than Seychellois in fishing.

In addition, Sri Lankans have made investments in Seychelles and the island nation expects further support from Sri Lanka, the High Commissioner said.

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