Historic brain surgery at NHSL

The first ever surgery in Sri Lanka’s history performed at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka on a stroke patient without opening up the brain has been successful, NHSL sources said.

Sources said the stroke patient’s life had been saved after a 15 minute brain surgery at the NHSL.

The patient had suffered a stroke due to a blood clot in the brain.

The surgery had been performed within eight hours of hospital admission by NHSL surgeons Dr. Prasad De Silva and Dr. Premasiri Bandaranaike. A catheter had been inserted through a leg to perform the surgery.

The NHSL has all required facilities to perform such surgeries. This particular surgery costs over Rs. 3 million at any private hospital in Sri Lanka, the sources said.

“Drugs usually administered to a stroke patient to dilute the blood clot can lead to paralysis and sometimes death. But this surgery saved the life of the patient,” the source said.

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