Janaka sets Guinness World Record

Janaka Kanchana Mudannayake, a resident of Hanguranketha Kithulpe, yesterday set a Guinness World Record by bending twenty two steel rods of 12 mm within 48 seconds.

The previous record was held by an Armenian national Amen Adams by bending 18 steel rods of 12 mm within one minute. A steel rod weighed 900 grams.

Janaka holds four Guinness records that he set when he was a 16 year old school student. Janaka says that his ambition is to become the highest number of Guinness World Record Holder. He has completed 4 of 18 records to achieve the target. Janaka said that his target is to set 14 more Guinness records within the next two years. He also believes that he can bend 30 steel rods within one minute.

The event took place at the Kandy Municipal Council Public Car Park yesterday (21) evening. Chartered Engineer Sapumal Jayasena and Attorney-at-law Dhammika Ethugala participated in the event as judges. Central Province Chief Minister Sarath Ekanayake and Provincial Minister Ediriweera Weerawardena participated at the event as well.

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