1582 nominations submitted – 29 rejected

Under the second phase of accepting nominations for the upcoming Local Government election, 1399 nominations lists from accepted political parties and 183 nomination lists from independent groups were submitted, a total of 1,582 nomination papers.

Among the submissions 20 nominations from political parties and 9 from independent groups, totalling 29 nomination applications were rejected.

Accordingly the tally of accepted nominations stands at 1379 from recognised political parties and 174 from independent groups.

The total number of accepted applications amounts to 1553.

Earlier during the first phase of accepting nomination lists, 23 applications from a total of 523 were rejected.

Among the rejected nominations, 19 were submitted by recognised political parties, while 4 were from independent groups.

A total of 466 nomination lists were submitted by 30 recognised political parties, while 57 were submitted by independent groups, to contest 93 Local Government bodies.

Accordingly the Elections Commission stated 447 nominations submitted by political parties and 53 submitted by independent groups, a total of 500 were accepted.

The acceptance of nominations for 248 Local Government Authority elections concluded yesterday.

The nominations were accepted by District Returning Officers of the respective local government authorities.

The Police Headquarters announced that election rallies will now be prohibited, following the conclusion of the time frame granted to submit nominations for Local Government bodies.

Police stressed strict action will be taken against any person found to be in violation of election laws.

The 2018 Local Government Elections is scheduled to be held on the 10th of February.

The election will be conducted for 23 Municipal Councils, 41 Urban Councils and for 277 Pradeshiya Sabha in 22 administrative districts.

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