Showbiz icon wins LMD’s ‘Sri Lankan Of The Year’ award

Pioneering business magazine LMD has announced that its ‘Sri Lankan Of The Year’ for 2017 is actress and entrepreneur Jacqueline Fernandez. The magazine pays tribute to the Bollywood superstar, whom it says “has brought a refreshing breath of fresh air amid the pollution we’re accustomed to dealing with”.

“We can now claim a Bollywood superstar who has not only risen to A-list status in a relatively short time but also highlighted Sri Lanka’s better side through activities that seek to give back to a nation she calls home,” the leading monthly says. Fernandez has put Sri Lanka on the global map on many occasions, LMD notes, and she is “a true ambassador for her country – be it through cinema, global brands, local cuisine, worthy business interests or charitable causes”.

Showbiz icon…

“In a world where the rich and famous often fail to sustain a clean record, Jacqueline Fernandez’s name has remained untarnished. She has all the makings of being a role model for young Sri Lankans, and others who have come to know and see her,” it concludes.

LMD’s 23rd ‘Sri Lankan Of The Year’ joins the company of the island’s most eminent citizens over the years, a number of whom have had their names etched in the annals of the nation’s history. For the full story, log onto LMD’s website (

The print version of the magazine, its publisher Media Services says, will be released to leading bookstores and supermarkets tomorrow.

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