Smart condom vending machine in Colombo

The Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka (FPASL) has introduced a Smart Condom Vending Machine after considering the difficulties faced by the public when purchasing condoms.

The first Smart Condom Vending Machine is fixed outside the Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka building at the Bullers Lane, Colombo 07.

A FPASL Spokesperson told the that the Smart Condom Vending Machine was a customized machine manufactured in Sri Lanka and was establish as a pilot project.

He said the FPASL identified the fact that the people were reluctant and shy to purchase condoms even from a pharmacy due to stigma resulting in unsafe sex.

Therefore, he said about 600 to 800 abortions per day had been recorded.

With the Smart Condom Vending, a fully automated machine, the customer can use easy cash and choose a product.

As it is yet a pilot project, only Dialog users can purchase it right now.

However, FPASL is expected to establish Smart Condom Vending Machine across the country after monitoring the first machine’s progress for two to three months.

The machine is expected to promote safe sex by encouraging the people to purchase condoms.

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