Neither President nor Prime Minister is above the law – Arjuna

Minister of Petroleum Resources Development Arjuna Ranatunga stated that the law of the land should be exercised equally to any citizen even if it the President or the Prime Minister.

He further stated that no person irrespective of political power or class can be considered to be above the law.

Speaking to the media today (29), Minister Ranatunga stated that he is not and has not been excused from judgement just because he is a world cup winning captain.

He further stated that he will not make declarations as to who should be detained for crimes but that the judiciary and relevant law enforcement authorities should be given leeway to exercise their duties and arrest any and all persons guilty of committing crimes.

“The people of Sri Lanka elected the President and Prime Minister to transform the nation through a united political journey. Any deterioration from their initial path would be considered as a grave injustice committed against the people by the President and Premier.” Arjuna Ranatunga said.

Minister Ranatunga also mentioned that the people expected the President and Prime Minister to remain united throughout their tenure as a united government.

He stated that the people voted for a united front instead of a SLFP or UNP government in the hope that the two parties will unit to fulfil the ambitions of the nation.

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