Slugging while jogging

Time: 6.15 in the morning
The scene:  The Sports Ministry jogging track

‘A’ purohita was jogging with a group of buddies in tandem. And another purohita is seen jogging followed by a group of his pals from the opposite direction. 

The purohita ‘B’ on seeing his colleague heading towards them, stops in his tracks and shouts: “Amethithuma, why are you going round calling me a thief?”

The purohita ‘A’ too comes to a halt. He looks angry.

“What’s wrong with calling you that…? That’s the truth…”

The purohita ‘B’: “How dare you call me that?”

“I am calling you a thief because you are thieving. I don’t mind calling you that to your face!”

Both the purohita ‘B’ and his pals look stunned. They head for their vehicles and got into them in a hurry.

The purohita ‘A’ and his buddies are seen looking on until the vehicles disappear in the distance and then resume jogging.

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