Govt attempting to split anti-SAITM movement ACGMOA

The Government is attempting to divide the main factions that actively participate in the anti-South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) struggle through its ‘so-called’ final solution, the All Ceylon Government Medical Officers’ Association (ACGMOA) claimed yesterday.

The Government recently announced that it had decided to abolish SAITM and convert it into a not for profit institution coming under the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Ministry of Higher Education.

Responding to this, the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) stated that it can see a positive side in those proposals. At the same time, there are several other facts in the proposals that need to be clarified as soon as possible, the GMOA added.

However, several other factions of the anti-SAITM struggle had rejected the Government’s proposals regarding the matter.

Addressing a media briefing in Colombo, ACGMOA President Dr. Nishantha Dassanayake noted that due to the Government’s proposals regarding the SAITM medical faculty, key factions of the anti-SAITM struggle such as the students’ movement and the GMOA now held two different stances on the matter.

“However, the general public should clearly understand that everyone engaged in the anti-SAITM struggle including the students and the GMOA are still in the same faction. Even though the GMOA has a different opinion on the Government’s proposals, we hope that they will change their stance on the matter very soon,” Dr. Dassanayake added.

Furthermore, he said that the majority of medical officers did not agree with the GMOA’s opinions regarding the Government’s proposals on the SAITM issue. Since the GMOA general meeting is coming nearer, the ACGMOA hopes that
the GMOA will change its stance on the matter after conducting further discussions with its members, Dr. Dassanayake elaborated.

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