Sampath Bank Introduces the First Banking Robot in Sri Lanka

Robotics enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning is proving to be a game changer that will bring unique operational efficiencies to the financial service industry, worldwide.

In Sri Lanka, continuing with their trend of pioneering innovative digital banking solutions, Sampath Bank is poised to revolutionize the financial industry with a banking robot that works in the form of a humanoid teller.

A never before in Sri Lanka phenomenon, the robot uses artificial intelligence to understand customers’ requests and performs transactions. It detects the presence of a customer and automatically initiates a conversation.

Currently the humanoid teller can speak and understand English and can perform seven functions; cash withdrawals, account balances, exchange rates, interest rates, details of loans & credit cards and information on how to open an account.

With customer service and convenience foremost amongst the priorities of Sampath Bank, the robot is a part of their active digitalization initiatives.

The humanoid teller will be programmed to perform more functions upon studying the customer requirements further. The bank is also planning to include Sinhala and Tamil language capabilities in the coming months. Currently Robot Banking is available at the Sampath Bank, Head Quarters Branch at # 110, Sir James Peiris Mawatha, Colombo 02.

Speaking on the new project, Nanda Fernando, Managing Director, Sampath Bank PLC said, “Technological innovations will be at the heart of the banking industry for years to come. We are committed to delivering a seamless digital platform and easy to navigate services to our customers. Living up to our pioneering spirit we are proud to introduce Robot Banking services that will no doubt add more convenience whilst taking the country’s banking and finance industry forward.”

Group Chief Information Officer, Ajith Salgado added, “We are witnessing a new and exciting era in financial service history, which is centered around customers’ emerging needs. To this end Sampath Bank has taken great strides forward with the introduction of the first banking robot, a landmark in banking industry.”

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