Arrest warrant on former Ministry Secretary

Rs. 4.1 b financial fraud in Gin-Nilawala Diversion Project

The Colombo Fort Magistrate yesterday issued a warrant for the arrest of former Secretary to the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Management Ivan de Silva over a Rs.4.1 billion financial fraud alleged to have taken place in the Gin-Nilwala Diversion Project.

Magistrate Ms. Lanka Jayaratne made this order persuant to a request made by the FCID.

The warrant written in English and Sinhala was issued on the former Ministry Secretary since he is abroad (New Zealand).

The FCID stated that although the 2015 budget had allocated a sum of Rs.40 million for this project, a sum of Rs.2,902 million had been paid to a Chinese Company without government’s consent. It is alleged that payments amounting to more than Rs. 4.1 billion have been made to a Chinese contractor for the Gin-Nilwala Diversion Project, but no work has been carried out.

Police investigations further revealed that money given to the Chinese company had been remitted to a Hongkong company belonging to Thirukumar Nadeshan.


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