Minister : Only one member from family be permitted to contest LG polls

Local Government and Provincial Councils Minister Faizer Mustapha said yesterday that there should be a system to ensure that only one member from one family can contest at the forthcoming and Provincial Council Local Government elections.

Under the present system, most of the candidates are from political families. This deprives so many others in the 20 million population of contesting at any election.

We should consider taking forward the concept of only one candidate from one family at the forthcoming election,” he added.

“We do not want family members and relatives of politicians to be elected to Local Government authorities and Provincial Councils. The opportunities should be diversified, allowing others to contest at any election. We must encourage more intellectuals,social workers and philanthropists to contest the upcoming elections,” he added.

Addressing a media briefing in Colombo yesterday, Minister Mustapha said Parliament has approved the proposal of allocating 25 percent of representation to women in Provincial Councils and Local Government Institutions recently.

“But, most politicians try to get nominations for their wives and daughters as candidates. We must change this culture and provide an opportunity for more women to enter politics. We all should show greater collective commitment in increasing women representation in Local Government institutions and Parliament as well,” he said.

However, there is a tendency that women do not vote for women. But, we should create a belief among women that women can lead the women in society,” the Minister said.

“Meanwhile, a Cabinet memorandum will be submitted shortly by the Minister to initiate an awareness programes among the women through the media and social media with the aim of increasing the womens representation in Local Government bodies, thereby ceating a new political culture,” Minister Mustapha said.

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